Applicants desirous of renting at The Center should make reservations well in advance of the intended date of use because demand for facilities is high and dates fill quickly. Beginning and ending times must include all anticipated setup and cleanup time required.

There is the MAIN HALL: with tables set up it will hold apx. 110 people. It rents for $325.00/day (8:00 am to Midnight) or $60.00/hr with a minimum of 2 hours. A kitchen is available for $100.00/day or $10.00/hour with a 2 hour minimum.
Smaller rooms are also available.
The East Wing can hold about 20 people with tables set up.
The West Wing is a bit larger and can hold about 35 people. This room is used for regular functions and the set-up must be restored when your function has completed.
The East and West Wing rent for $25.00/ hr or $150.00/day.
A nonrefundable three (3) hour preparation fee of $75.00 may be available, subject to availability.                          

The facilities are not considered rented until the Applicant delivers to The Center: The Deposit, The Rental Agreement, The Rental Fee and any other items deemed necessary at The Center’s sole discretion and approves such rental in writing. Under no circumstances shall Renter sublease or allow any other organization or individual to use the Facility for the period for which Renter has contracted.
Any person or agency holding a reservation for the use of The Center facilities and desiring to cancel such reservation may be subject to the withholding of a portion of or the entire rental fee for the Facility.
Renter is responsible for any lost keys, and any costs that The Center might incur to replace and/or re-key the Facility.
In the event the Facility is left damaged, Renter shall be charged for all janitorial and/or repair fees incurred by The Center as a result of same and these fees shall be billed to Renter.

DEPOSITS FEES ARE: MAIN HALL – $400.00, EAST & WEST WING – $150.00 ea.